Usually I don’t need more than 4 days to complete a project. You will be told the turnaround time after you contacted me and I have estimated the work.

Tasks I won’t automate:

  • Add to cart events
  • Account creation on big sites, like Facebook or Google

Supported operation systems:

My bots run on Windows, Linux, and Mac as well.

About programming language:

I create the bots in Javascript and do some basic PHP if your project needs server-side support.

Pricing and Payments:

After 300 projects, I have a good view on how much time will I need to complete your custom bot. I will calculate the price as I want to work with the hourly wage of $25, but it goes down to $17 if you have a lot of work for me (more than 10 hours). I’m a freelancer, so I pay the taxes and the fees.

You can pay me via Paypal. It is the most trusted payment processor used by more than 160 million customers around the world. It accepts credit cards or you can fund your account via wire transfer.