If you want to hire me, I expect a very detailed project description. If you think that your task is complicated or it is just easier for you, feel free to record your screen by clicking here.

Please include the following materials in your message if needed for your project:

  • Sample datasource(s)
  • Sample output file(s)
  • Dummy accounts for website(s)
  • Explainer videos/images

How a good project description looks like:

I would like to see if it is possible to gather the data available on the following website and store it in a CSV file.

The site in question is *removed link*

In the end, each property should have its own record in a table. You can see the structure in the attached sample output CSV file.

Here are screenshots of the clicks required to get to the pages I would like to scrape.

*removed link*

As you can see, he told me what the bot is exactly supposed to do. He attached a sample output file, and even helped me with the navigation. I understood the project right away, there were no questions asked.

Please contact me using the contact informations below:



Fiverr: gentam