Look, I am not going to waste your time with a fancy landing page.

I know that time is the most important factor for your business. And this is the reason why you are looking for me.

I get straight to the point. My name is Tom and I am an expert who can automate any task on the web.

I have boosted hundrends of people’s business. Some freelancers even lost their clients because of me. I simply automated what they were doing.

These are what my bots can do for your business:

  • Mining data from webpages (email addresses, phone numbers etc.)
  • Filling and submitting web forms
  • Solving captchas
  • Running from datasources
  • Downloading images, files, and webpages
  • Saving data in spreadsheets
  • Logging what happens
  • Taking screenshots

…but really anything. You just have to ask me.

By clicking here, you can see a reference of my work. It is a forum used by internet marketers. The bot was watching this particular web page, and when somebody replied in a specific format, the bot “thank”-ed it and placed 100 Google +1-s on the user’s Google Plus post.

Extra features/services available:

  • User interface
  • Proxy support
  • Full documentation
  • Commenting the source code
  • Teamviewer assistance
  • Running your bot on my server

Read the FAQ if something is not clear or contact me if you are interested in my service.